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Ultra Precision CSK16C High Speed Collet

  • CSK16C-5;CSK16C-5.5

  • chongde


Ultra Precision CSK16C High Speed Collet

Chongde CSK16 thru coolant collet concentricity less than 0.0002”(0.005mm), crafted from high quality Japanese JIS-SUJ2 material. CSK06C collet is used for high speed HSK/BT/BBT/CAT/NMTB/NT-CSK or GSK thru coolant collet chuck. The SK collet system features an 8° taper angle versus the 16° taper for ER type collets. This results in large contact area, good crashworthiness, roundness, and durable precision. Uniform force is not easy to break the tool. Usually used for high speed cutting such spring collet is mainly applied to the need for good in the radial runout error. We can to figure to sample processing, and perfect after-sales service and technical support. Looking forward to your cooperation!.CSK  inch size can be customzied .


1. Material: JIS-SUJ2;

2. Hardness: 46-50HRC;

3. All collets are precision ground for less than 0.0002" (0.005mm )of indicated runout;

4. The design of the convex platform in front of the collet can prevent dust and chips getting into the collet when processing, prolong the collet’s life.

5. End and the cylindrical are grinding for many times,can reach Ra 4.0, has a mirror effect;

6.The design of 8°collet, more clamping force, to improve seismic performance.

7. -196℃ long cryogenic treatment and ultra long time thermal aging processing, reducing residual stresses and increasing the hardness and toughness.

Our advantages

1. Integrated precision : 5μ/8μ;

2. Imported material: JIS-SUJ2

3. Hardness: 46-50HRC

4. The design of 8°collet, more clamping force, to improve seismic performance.

5. Clean appearance and accuracy stable

Product Drawing and Size

P095 SKC止水筒夹.

Model No. d D D1 D2 L L1
CSK16C 5-16 24.17 18.7 18.7 45 2.5

Clamping Range

Order No. Model No.
CD020202.16050 CSK16C-5
CD020202.16055 CSK16C-5.5
CD020202.16060 CSK16C-6
CD020202.16065 CSK16C-6.5
CD020202.16070 CSK16C-7
CD020202.16075 CSK16C-7.5
CD020202.16080 CSK16C-8
CD020202.16085 CSK16C-8.5
CD020202.16090 CSK16C-9
CD020202.16095 CSK16C-9.5
CD020202.16100 CSK16C-10
CD020202.16105 CSK16C-10.5
CD020202.16110 CSK16C-11
CD020202.16115 CSK16C-11.5
CD020202.16120 CSK16C-12
CD020202.16125 CSK16C-12.5
CD020202.16130 CSK16C-13
CD020202.16135 CSK16C-13.5
CD020202.16140 CSK16C-14
CD020202.16145 CSK16C-14.5
CD020202.16150 CSK16C-15
CD020202.16155 CSK16C-15.5
CD020202.16160 CSK16C-16

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