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Ultra Precision ER50 Coolant Sealing Collets

  • ER50C-12;ER50C-14

  • chongde


Ultra Precision ER50 Coolant Sealing Collets

Chongde ER Coolant Collets uses the difference of grooves to achieve the function of surrounding sealing and center thru coolant. ER thru coolant collets made to be used with thru-coolant tools. It allow greater water pressure through the collet. The maximum water pressure can be 30Mpa. The gripping range of spring collet is 1mm or 0.040”, commonly used in tool holding. The Non-standard hole size can be customized.


1. Material: JIS-SUJ2

2. Hardness: 46-50HRC;

3. All collets are precision ground for less than 0.0002" (0.005mm )of indicated runout;

4. The maximum water pressure can be 30Mpa;

5. Commonly used with thru-coolant tools in tool holding.

Our advantages

1. Integrated precision : 3μ/5μ;

2. Imported material: JIS-SUJ2

3. Hardness: 46-50HRC

4. Clean appearance and accuracy stable

5. -196℃ long cryogenic treatment and ultra long time thermal aging processing, reducing residual stresses and increasing the hardness and toughness.

Product Drawing and Size


D D1 L L1
Model No. Range Slot
ER50C 12~34 0.5 50 52 60 12.6 20

Clamping Range

Order No. Type Range Order No. Model No.
CD010203.50120 ER50C-12 12-11.5 CD010203.50135 ER50C-17/32
CD010203.50140 ER50C-14 14-13.5 CD010203.50143 ER50C-9/16
CD010203.50160 ER50C-16 16-15.5 CD010203.50151 ER50C-19/32
CD010203.50165 ER50C-16.5 16.5-16 CD010203.50159 ER50C-5/8
CD010203.50170 ER50C-17 17-16.5 CD010203.50167 ER50C-21/32
CD010203.50175 ER50C-17.5 17.5-17 CD010203.50175 ER50C-11/16
CD010203.50180 ER50C-18 18-17.5 CD010203.50183 ER50C-23/32
CD010203.50185 ER50C-18.5 18.5-18 CD010203.50191 ER50C-3/4
CD010203.50190 ER50C-19 19-18.5 CD010203.50198 ER50C-25/32
CD010203.50195 ER50C-19.5 19.5-19 CD010203.50206 ER50C-13/16
CD010203.50200 ER50C-20 20-19.5 CD010203.50214 ER50C-27/32
CD010203.50205 ER50C-20.5 20.5-20 CD010203.50222 ER50C-7/8
CD010203.50210 ER50C-21 21-20.5 CD010203.50231 ER50C-29/32
CD010203.50215 ER50C-21.5 21.5-21 CD010203.50238 ER50C-15/16
CD010203.50220 ER50C-22 22-21.5 CD010203.50246 ER50C-31/32
CD010203.50225 ER50C-22.5 22.5-22 CD010203.50254 ER50C-1"
CD010203.50230 ER50C-23 23-22.5 CD010203.50262 ER50C-1-1/32
CD010203.50235 ER50C-23.5 23.5-23 CD010203.50258 ER50C-1-1/16
CD010203.50240 ER50C-24 24-23.5 CD010203.50278 ER50C-1-3/32
CD010203.50245 ER50C-24.5 24.5-24 CD010203.50286 ER50C-1-1/8
CD010203.50250 ER50C-25 25-24.5 CD010203.50294 ER50C-1-5/32
CD010203.50255 ER50C-25.5 25.5-25 CD010203.50302 ER50C-1-3/16
CD010203.50260 ER50C-26 26-25.5 CD010203.50309 ER50C-1-7/32
CD010203.50265 ER50C-26.5 26.5-26 CD010203.50318 ER50C-1-1/4
CD010203.50270 ER50C-27 27-26.5 CD010203.50325 ER50C-1-9/32
CD010203.50275 ER50C-27.5 27.5-27 CD010203.50333 ER50C-1-5/16
CD010203.50280 ER50C-28 28-27.5

CD010203.50285 ER50C-28.5 28.5-28

CD010203.50290 ER50C-29 29-28.5

CD010203.50295 ER50C-29.5 29.5-29

CD010203.50300 ER50C-30 30-29.5

CD010203.50305 ER50C-30.5 30.5-30

CD010203.50310 ER50C-31 31-30.5

CD010203.50315 ER50C-31.5 31.5-31

CD010203.50320 ER50C-32 32-31.5

CD010203.50325 ER50C-32.5 32.5-32

CD010203.50330 ER50C-33 33-32.5

CD010203.50335 ER50C-33.5 33.5-33

CD010203.50340 ER50C-34 34-33.5

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