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Torque Wrench for BT30/40/50 Pull Stud

  • 30;40;50

  • chongde


Torque Wrench for BT30/40/50 Pull Stud

Torque wrench for Chongde high precision collet chucks. Torque wrench has strong practicability and high cost performance. The rated torque value has been adjusted in advance, when using, can through sound to measure whether reach the pre-rated torque value. So as to avoid exceeding the preset rated torque value and causing tension deformation of the vertebral body connected with the puller, affecting the taper accuracy. Available for BT30, BT40 and BT50 shank tool holders.


1. Material: 42CrMo

2. Hardness: 45-50 HRC;

3. The coating surface of the wrench has good effects of anti-rust and wear-resisting.

4. Mechanical settings-adjusted pre-rated torque value in advance, guaranteed the precision of nut. High cost performance.

Product Drawing and Size


Order No. Model No. D1 D2 D3 D4 L
CD230501.3007196 30 7 13.2 27 15 196
CD230501.4010227 40 10 19.2 37 152.4 227
CD230402.5017290 50 17 30.2 50 26 290


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