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Side Lock ER M type Straight Shank Collet Chuck

  • ER11/ER16/ER20

  • chongde


Side Lock ER M type Straight Shank Collet Chuck

ChongDe high quality Side Lock SL ER Straight Shank Collet Chuck Used In all kinds of CNC lathes, Fixed headed lathes and Swiss type lathes etc. As tool holder, it usually used in clamping drills, end mills, small boring tools. The tool holders are balanced G6.3 12000RPM/18000RPM.It can reduce to the selection of lengthen cutting tool,reduce cost and improve efficiency. Shank of the Straight Shank Collet Chuck: 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm,45mm for metric. Suitable Collet:ER11/ER16/ER20/ER25/ER32/ER40. The protrusion length is difference from60mm to 120mm. Suitable NUT & Wrench is also upon request.


1. Material: 20CrMnTi;

2. Hardness: 56-60HRC;

3. Run out of the inside shank cone: ≤0.003mm;Coaxiality with collet : ≤ 0.005mm;

4. Dynamic balance : G6.3 12000rpm; G6.3 18000rpm.

5. Can be fixed by screw in the flat surface.

Our advantages

1. Good Rigidity

2. High accuracy stability of parts processing and surface processing dimension

3. Improving cutting tool using life

4. The wear of taper shank caused by vibration is reduced during heavy cutting

5. ATC repeats the operation with high accuracy

6. The appearance with nickel coating, the products are anti-rust, anti-corrosion and durability better.

4. Clean appearance and accuracy stable

5. -196℃ long cryogenic treatment and ultra long time thermal aging processing, reducing residual stresses and increasing the hardness and toughness.

P032 侧锁式ER 刀柄

Order No. Model No. L L1 T1 T2 C D Collets Spanner
CD010135.1616060 C16-ER16M-60 100.3 60 M10X1.5P M10X1.5P 16 22 ER16 ER16M
CD010135.2011060 C20-ER11M-60 76.6 60 M6X1P M10X1.5P 20 16 ER11 ER11M
CD010135.2016060 C20-ER16M-60 96.8 60 M10X1.5P M10X1.5P 20 22 ER16 ER16M
CD010135.2020060 C20-ER20M-60 110.2 60 M10X1.5P M12X1.75P 20 28 ER20 ER20M
CD010135.2216070 C22-ER16M-70 106.8 70 M10X1.5P M10X1.75P 22 22 ER16 ER16M
CD010135.2516060 C25-ER16M-60 100.3 60 M10X1.5P M12X1.75P 25 22 ER16 ER16M
CD010135.2520060 C25-ER20M-60 99.5 60 M12X1.75P M12X1.75P 25 28 ER20 ER20M
CD010135.2525060 C25-ER25UM-60 116.7 60 M12X1.75P M12X1.75P 25 42 ER25 ER25UM
CD010135.2525070 C25-ER25UM-70 126.7 70 M12X1.75P M16X2.0P 25 42 ER25 ER25UM
CD010135.3216060 C32-ER16M-60 100.3 60 M10X1.5P M16X2.0P 32 22 ER16 ER16M
CD010135.3220070 C32-ER20M-70 102 70 M10X1.5P M16X2.0P 32 28 ER20 ER20M
CD010135.3225070 C32-ER25UM-70 102 70 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 32 42 ER25 ER25UM
CD010135.3232060 C32-ER32UM-60 118.7 60 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 32 50 ER32 ER32UM
CD010135.3240070 C32-ER40UM-70 139.7 70 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 32 63 ER40 ER40UM
CD010135.4032070 C40-ER32UM-70 128.7 70 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 40 50 ER32 ER32UM
CD010135.4032100 C40-ER32UM-100 158.7 100 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 40 50 ER32 ER32UM
CD010135.4040075 C40-ER40UM-75 145.7 75 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 40 63 ER40 ER40UM
CD010135.4532120 C45-ER32UM-120 178 120 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 45 50 ER32 ER32UM
CD010135.4540120 C45-ER40UM-120 180 120 M16X2.0P M16X2.0P 45 63 ER40 ER40UM


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